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Romeo and Juliet Hear My Soul Speak: What's an ebook?

What's an E-Book?

Hear My Soul Speak, at least in its initial release, is available in "electronic book" (or e-book, or ebook) format only.  What exactly does that mean?  An electronic book is a file that is downloaded to your computer or other device where what you can do with it next (other than, you know, read it) depends on your device. You can search them for specific text, highlight favorite passages, and make notes in the margins. To name just a few.

Amazon Kindle and Apple's line of "i-devices" (including iPad, iPhone and iTouch) are both supported.  These devices use what's known as the MOBI and EPUB book formats, respectively, so if you own a device that is capable of reading one of those two formats, you can also download and enjoy Hear My Soul Speak.

If you do not own an e-reader device, you can still read Hear My Soul Speak on your PC or laptop in what is known as PDF format.  Upon purchasing and downloading the book, most modern web browsers will be smart enough to open the file for you to look at.  At this point the file is local to your machine, so you do not have to keep downloading it.  You can come back to it at any time. You can even copy it to another machine, or email it.  Please don't pirate.

One bonus of reading e-books on your PC or laptop is that you can easily search the text (especially handy in a book of quotes where you might have favorites that you're looking for), as well as cutting and pasting material into other projects like invitations or thank you notes.  Most importantly, yes you can print it!

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