Hear My Soul Speak : Wedding Quotes from Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet

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Bardfilm : The Shakespeare and Film Microblog says:
"Morin's book isn't just a collection of random bits of Shakespeare, though it does have sections filled with carefully-considered quotations. Instead, Hear My Soul Speak provides a laid-back and colloquial encounter with different possible uses of Shakespeare in weddings."

ShakespeareTeacher.com had this to say:

"Even if you don't have a wedding in the near future, it's a fun book to read to geek out on Shakespeare quotes with Duane. With his trademark infectious enthusiasm, he offers insight on what each quote actually means, and when it is most appropriately used."

The American Shakespeare Center's Education Blog says:

"I can heartily recommend it as an asset for brides, grooms, and their friends and family."

From biteThumbnails: a playgoer's notebook comes:

"The eBook format is ideal for this nifty little guidebook to using quotations from the works of William Shakespeare effectively throughout the marriage process....Far more than merely a compilation of quotes, the most useful sections of this book are those that provide layman explications of sonnets and particularly difficult quotations, whom should recite them, and how."

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