Hear My Soul Speak : Wedding Quotes from Shakespeare

"That thou didst know how many fathom deep I am in love!" - As You Like It

Romeo and Juliet

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    Why was the book written, who is it for, about the author, acknowledgements. The usual stuff.

  • Sonnet Readings
    If you've ever heard Shakespeare read during a wedding ceremony it was almost certainly #116, aka "The Wedding Sonnet", the one that goes "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments..."  But did you know that Shakespeare wrote 154 of them?  A number of others make excellent readings as well, if you only knew what they meant.  This chapter cherry picks the best sonnets to be used in a wedding, and walks you through what they mean and why they're good choices.

  • Quotes
    This section makes up the lion's share of the book, and is broken into several subsections. Whether you're the groom looking for something romantic to say when you pop the question, the best man looking for ideas for his toast, or just a guest who wants to write something cool in the guest book, this section has something for everybody.  Over 100 hand-chosen selections from across all the works of Shakespeare.
    • Proposals and Vows 
    • Toasts and Blessings
    • Thoughts on Love  
    • But Seriously, Folks
      (Quotes that will get a laugh, if that's what you're going for.)
    • At the Reception

  • Tips for Reciting Shakespeare
    Nervous? Don't be.  The material speaks for itself. This section contains tips for how to knock it out of the park if you're going to get a turn in front of the microphone.

  • The Life of William Shakespeare
    For your entertainment, a quick biography of the man himself. What was his own married life like?

  • Hear My Soul Speak: Shakespeare Wedding Quotes
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