Hear My Soul Speak : Wedding Quotes from Shakespeare

"Sweet, above thought I love thee." - Troilus and Cressida

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Duane Morin is the founder of ShakespeareGeek.com, an online playground for people of all ages and experience levels who love to talk about Shakespeare. Founded five years ago and now housing close to 2000 articles on everything imaginable about the works of William Shakespeare, Shakespeare Geek is the oldest Shakespeare blog on the net, and certainly one of the most popular.

The idea for Hear My Soul Speak came after Duane realized that Sonnet #116 (the Wedding Sonnet, the one that goes "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments...") had something of a stranglehold on the wedding business. It's the only sonnet anybody ever reads at their wedding. If you want a gift engraved with a Shakespeare quote, you'd better like that sonnet because everybody that sells Shakespeare merchandise sells some form of something with that quote on it.

This made him upset. Not because it's a bad sonnet, but because everybody is missing out on so much of the other good stuff.  "I wonder," he wondered, "what would happen if I put together a list of all the best wedding material from Shakespeare that I can find?  Maybe people only use that sonnet because it's the only one they know.  What would happen if they had pages and pages of material to choose from?"  Once he realized that their neighbor was in the wedding business and an enthusiastic supporter of the project, it was only a matter of time before it saw the light of day.

Duane deeply believes that life is better with Shakespeare in it. This book is his effort to help spread that word. There are many opportunities in life, not just at weddings, where you wish you had something memorable to say. But you can't quote something if you've never heard it before. So now he's written it all down in one place for you.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, or to request review copies or discuss the book (or Shakespeare) in any other way, please don't hesitate to contact the author. Just be warned, once you get him started talking about Shakespeare it's hard to get him to stop.

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